Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

 We appreciate your confidence in We demand the highest standards for secure transactions and the confidentiality of consumer information because of this.

1. The gathering of personally identifiable data When you choose email at the initial launch of the app, we collect your email address. As a result, we are able to sync the wishlist and shopping basket that you have already set on the Orse Jewels website. Additionally, we send you offers and suggestions based on your browsing history, prior purchases, and interests using your contact information. Some of the following personally identifiable information may be disclosed to third-party services: The details you give us, such as your name, email address, and cell phone number – information about your device, location, and network that we gather while you access and use our service. the network provider Third-party service providers are given access to this data so that we can: – customize the app for you – run behavioral analytics.

2. Use of Profile and Demographic Information In order to fulfill your request for services, we use personal information. We use your personal information to assess interest in our products and services, troubleshoot issues, collect payments owed, notify you about online and offline offers, and personalize your experience. We gather and analyze demographic and profile information regarding the use of our app by our users in an effort to continuously improve our product and service offerings. In order to administer our app and identify server issues, we identify and use your IP address.
3. Take Precautions Strict security controls are in place on our website to guard against the loss, misuse, and alterations of the data that is in our custody. We provide the usage of a secure server whenever you modify or access the information associated with your account. Once we have your information, we follow strong security procedures to keep it safe from unwanted access.

4. Selection/Opt-Out After creating an account on, all users have the option to choose whether or not they want to receive non-essential (promotional, marketing-related) emails from us on behalf of our partners. You can remove certain optional details. For help with these requests, please write to us at the address listed below.

5. Questions? Questions about this assertion should be addressed to

6. Deactivation of the profile You can temporarily freeze your profile on Orsejewels. Your Orsejewels account will be temporarily deleted as a result of this action, and you will lose access to quick checkout, details about previous orders, wishlists, Gold Mine, Orse Vouchers, Orse Credits, Orse Cash, and any other customized Orse jewels goods and services.

7. Profile erasure
You have the option to ask Orse jewels to permanently delete your account. Once you request deletion, you won’t be able to access any related data, including previous orders, past or present Try at Home reservations, wishlists, saved addresses, and any pending rewards like Gold Mine 10+1 installments, Orse Vouchers, Orse Cash, or Orse Credits. You will have to give up any claims to policies like Lifetime Exchange & Buyback, 30 Day Returns and Refund, product cleaning & fixing, and any other policies or services offered by Orse, as well as any claims arising from product damages and associated issues, if you choose to have your profile deleted. Orse reserves the right to reject or postpone the deletion of your account if it has any outstanding orders, payments, complaints, shipments, or instalment plans.